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Here are some reflections on the Starhenge Universal Peace Garden project that was initiated in October:
Wow, what a week we had together in the Joshua Tree desert!  I’m deeply moved by what we accomplished as a group, and what was created through our willingness to show up for a process far greater than our individual visions.  Thanks for answering the call and stepping into the Mystery ~ to all those who participated in person, and those who supported from afar with their love.

California has a Starhenge!  I’m sure that “Mother’s Garden” will be an important node in the global web of peace gardens, and bloom into an amazing resource for ceremonial performance art and community healing.  I feel that we prepared the soil for much beauty and exploration to come.

Thank you to our friends for opening their land to this training/project/experience, and for their enthusiasm around stewarding this garden into the future.  Their relationship with Mother and all things divinely feminine inspired us all to soften into Her wise guidance and support.  We were surely held in Her embrace throughout the ups and down that inevitably emerge when such a massive project is initiated.

How auspicious that a large part of the week corresponded with Navaratri - the 9 nights of honoring the Goddess celebrated in Hindu traditions.  And what a blessing that we were able to extend this gratitude to other goddess traditions, and dedicate the garden to their flourishing.

It also felt essential that we honored the local indigenous presence ~ Cahuilla and other first nations here on Turtle Island.  Let’s continue our commitment to anchoring this presence in the garden.  Gracias as well for the sharing of Mayan wisdom that occurred ~ introducing us to a vital galactic culture that can bridge the garden to the stars.

A huge thank you to maestro Don Conreaux for visiting us here out West and sharing his heartfelt sruti songs, gong myths, and geomantic insights!  It is always an honor to Gong together.  His passionate dedication to seeding gong consciousness through teaching, playing, and peace gardening is well-received.  We are all the more poised to surf the 4th ray of sound healing to 2025 and beyond!

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Sessions include:
* Bowl massage & gong bath
* Himalayan sound therapies
* Intuitive vibrational attunement

Both modern science and ancient mysticism agree that everything in the universe is vibration. Our health and vitality are linked with harmonious resonance in the mind and body.

The artful playing of singing bowls, gongs, and a variety of shamanic instruments has the potential to:
* Restore natural biorhythms (breathing, circulation, sleep cycles)
* Resolve long-standing blockages (mental, emotional, physical)
* Deepen relaxation for pain relief in muscles, joints, & bones; stress relief in the mind
* Tone and balance the aura (energy body field)
* Soothe and strengthen the nervous system
* Enhance meditative and yogic practices
* Bring insight, clarity, and focus regarding life purpose


Experience the healing radiance of Planetary Gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, didgeridoo, native percussion, toning, and a variety of shamanic instruments.  Relax and receive as sound carries consciousness on a journey of blissful recognition.   Get in touch with your inner tuning and reestablish balance.  Resonate into natural alignment with Source.   Release old patterns, raise your vibration, and rejuvenate yourself.  Explore the cosmic resonance within.


Singing bowls are remarkable tools for tuning and activating our energy systems.  Their simple design allows for intuitive playing by anyone open to their vast potential.

Level One: Sound Healing Principles, Bowl playing techniques, Bowl massage & aura cleansing, Integration of bowls into meditation & music

Level Two: Expanded Bowl Massage, Bell and Tingchaw playing techniques, Integration of bowls into yoga & sound baths

Level Three: Traditional Himalayan Balancing and Opening Therapies, Intuitive vibrational attunement


Explore the healing and yogic dimensions of sound.  Each class includes elements of Gong Yoga – a unique practice originated by Gong Master Don Conreaux. Principles of chi flow, cosmic sound, and astrology guide our journey through a series of exercises designed to attune, transform, and rejuvenate our entire being.  Through movement, breath work, and intention, we activate the healing correspondences between our physical, emotional, and subtle bodies.   Each session includes sound meditations and culminates in an extended shavasana sound bath, set to the vibrations of Planetary Gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, didgeridoo, native percussion, chanting, and more.



Himalayan Singing Bowls, hand-forged seven-metal alloy, made on the full moon, carved with mantras & symbols

Hand-hammered Himalayan Gongs, seven metal alloy, carved with mantras & symbols

Bells, Tingchaws, Conch Shells, Chimes

Source: Kathmandu, Nepal